Who is BEE?

Bee is the affectionate nickname I received since I was a teenager for my name, Bia Guedes.

Graduated in Fashion Design, MA in Design for Communication at the University of Westminster and MSc in Psychology Applied in Fashion from the London College of Fashion. I have been working with design for more 13 years in a transversal way.

I'm a mother of a girl and six kittens, I come from a family of artists, I love watching movies on repeat and singing in the shower.

My passion for creating prints grew throughout my professional life.

The creation process almost always starts on paper with different illustration and drawing techniques. Then, I take the elements I liked to the computer and work with Photoshop and Illustrator to create the reports. Other prints are created digitally with Procreate.

My inspiration comes mainly from nature and the people around me, experiences and feelings.